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KYP organizes it’s activities through 5 areas of focus: Development, Community, Social, Mentorship, and Directory. In utilizing the networks we’re exposed to and the local connections we have, we’re able to offer members a unique experience of Kitsap County in both the professional and personal realm.

Why Join?

The KYP is committed to it’s members’ development, whether personal or professional. From organized seminars to impromptu social gatherings, we want to ensure our members enjoy Kitsap to the fullest and get the most from resources available to them through KYP’s network.


Community involvement and care is important to KYP and is a large part of the organization’s mission. All of our members are plugged in to smaller communities throughout Kitsap County and we leverage those connections to build, plant, clean, and ultimately bring joy to individuals and families in our area.


A robust mentorship program allows our members to grow in every area of life and business interest and to find opportunities to mentor others. Through both learning and teaching, KYP members experience a culture of motivation and innovation that prepares them for the present and future demands of their careers and  businesses.


Social connections, both online and in the real world, provide our members with networking opportunities, timely information, and plenty of opportunity for fun through Kitsap. From Facebook groups to local happy hour hangouts, KYP makes sure you stay connected and social as you go about your week.


Connecting the right people to the right businesses and community organizations is not only important to our members, but essential for Kitsap County’s long term health and success. We create multiple avenues for our members to get connected, mentored, and trained through our extensive directory and networks spread throughout the county.