Kitsap County

Mission Statement:

To Elevate Kitsap County by inspiring, educating, and supporting the people in our community.


Kitsap Young Professionals is a non-profit group that seeks to improve our community through our values of Live, Learn and Give.


…in Kitsap County by interacting with new faces and spaces!


…about yourself, how to make a difference, and personal or professional skills!


…back to your community in various ways!

The vision of KYP is to create something that unites Kitsap County. We see this as a platform for making new friends and business contacts that share similar interests.

KYP offers the chance to be more involved in the community.
It presents opportunities to help you gain leadership skills.

Our events enable you to help make a difference in your neighbors’ lives.

You could learn new things.

It is a group that is open to everyone but that is definitely a place for younger leaders who haven’t found the right place to connect. We see it as a starting point for the next wave of leaders in Kitsap.

These are just some of the benefits we hope to provide through our organization.

Most of us are either from here or have decided that Kitsap is the place we want to call home. Those of us who have lived here have seen both the positive changes and the unfortunate ones. We believe in the potential Kitsap has to be stronger, but we believe that it will take work. It will take us working together and helping each other grow so that tomorrow becomes better than today.

We also believe that Kitsap is pretty great as it is right now. We appreciate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the people who have made it a great place to live.

If Kitsap is your home and you are looking to partner with a great group of people then come check us out. Let’s help shape Kitsap into what we imagine it could be.

Elevate Kitsap.